Another Late Night…

So I’ve done it again. Another late night on the books. For the last two weeks, I just cannot seem to go to bed before 3:00 am. Its not insomnia, its excitement!

That’s right! Excitement!

When I’m in ‘planning mode’, I get so excited. My husband just paralleled it to that same feeling one of my preferred photographers gets when he captures a great shot. I’m currently working on a few different events (quite normal) but the baby of the bunch is my new course starting tomorrow night (well, actually tonight ;D ). I can’t wait to meet my students for the Winter term of the Wedding Planner Certification Course. I hope they will share the same excitement. Embarking on a career you really love and know you were created to do, is one of the most empowering steps you can take.

On another note, I am also willing to admit a part of the excitement comes from being online. I’m a tad bit addicted to my new love for technology. Between blogging, research, idea hunting, Facebook and MySpace, I’ve really created a monster. Controlled monster, but monster none-the-less.

We have also just finalized the location and finished invitations for my ‘2.5-week wedding’. Yes, 2.5-weeks! I’ll bring you more details on this one in a couple weeks. Fortunately they have envisioned an intimate celebration with their closest family and friends, so location selection and other major decisions for this event are completely focused on providing that intimacy and my wonderful vendors have been so accommodating to the pressed timeline. I’m so excited for this couple and can’t wait till they see it all come together. Yes, my workload is a little much right now with this one, but it helps that I love what I do.

Now to wrap up…its getting close to my bed time. 😀


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