Table Escort – No. 1

If I were to say I’d like a ‘warm’ wedding, would you envision ‘warm’ as exchanging vows on the beaches of Tahiti or were you thinking ‘warm’ as the hotel ballroom filled with flickering candlelight, all nice and cozy? Many people say one thing that can be interpreted to mean so many different things. For this reason, I gave my class a task: create Place Cards to match a theme wedding. Each team was given a theme, with no explanation, just the theme. It was up to them to present their vision to the class. They had one week of working together to finalize details based on the theme given. Look at the difference. I love it! Each team did something completely different, yet both are perfect in their own way.

The first two teams presented their tables last week. Here are the results…


Armie and Christine took their ‘Carnival’ down South. They based their display off their couple’s love for their many trips to New Orleans. The table was draped with a festive Purple/Gold/Green tinsel drape and provided their guests with personalized Martinelli Apple Cider and monogrammed cupcakes as a little treat before the dinner reception. There was even a jeweled bottle opener available that matched the color scheme.

Rima and Zan went for the Vintage Circus. The simple White/Red/Blue/Yellow color scheme evoked an almost mystical feeling. This couple wanted to have fun at their wedding and made sure their guests knew it from the beginning, giving each guest their own bag of popcorn as a place card. Fun, festive and classic!


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