Thankful at all times!

I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for my parents and grandparents. A few years ago Josh and I decided to create a new tradition to thank our parents, including our grandparents. They came before us and helped to pave a way for our new family. They are there for us and speak into our lives, whether we want them to or not 😀 Good or bad, we are who we are because our family. Our choices play a huge role in that. The end of the year brings wonderful holidays, which magnify this choice and opens the door to the world to celebrate what we are thankful for. I choose daily to be thankful. Thankful for the great things in life and thankful through the hard times too.

This year we paid respect to our lineage and incorporated may heirlooms into our ‘Day After’ decor. We ate with Great-Grandma Swodeck’s china and silver as well as Josh’s parent’s chargers. I have been a collector of vintage tins since I was in high school, so we used those as well as those passed down to me from my Mom as centerpieces with a simple hand gathered arrangement. Great-Grandma Storey’s was eager to offer her beautiful autumn inspired bronze/silver accented linen. For dessert we ate on my Great-Grandma Bordeaux, Pookie’s platinum rimmed china and enjoyed her vintage glass for Sweet Tea. The menu included passed down recipes including MarMar, my mom’s, Gumbo and Diddy, my dad, cornbread. This cornbread was originally his dad’s recipe, but only when grandma wasn’t home. Topped off with Great-Grandma Newbern’s plum cake for dessert, a recipe not written down…just made off memory.

Thank you again to my beautiful family. You are so loved and appreciated!


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