I LOVE Basecamp!!!

Where do I start?  I was originally introduced to Basecamp by my wonderful husband (who is a sucker for the latest greatest gadget or tool).  He knows how I am about organizing all the details and wanted to find me a tool he’d knew I’d not only use but love.  I didn’t get on board right away, wanting to really know enough about it (not putting all my eggs in one basket).  Then several months later, my dad (another hero of mine) starts telling me about Basecamp and how it has completely opened the doors for his Architectural and Planning Company and his business partners.  After a walkthrough from him, a view of Basecamp video testimonies, and ONE FREE PROJECT…I was hooked!

I signed up for the 35 Projects package thinking it should suffice for a while and now after only 2 months, I keep seeing more and more projects I can add and am probably in need of an upgrade soon.  I am a person of details, but don’t like getting bogged down in them.  I’ve created lists and forms to completely organize my company for the last several years and have seen such a surge in productivity with the addition of Basecamp.

My clients receive their personal login, for their own “company” (ie. {WED} Amy & Marc) and have access to all the milestones, to-dos, messages, inspiration boards we create for their event.  By having their own ‘company’ they can add other important people such as Mother-of-the-Bride, Best Man, and contracted vendors.  Its a place for everyone to come together and be on the same page throughout the entire planning process.

Bride's personal Inspiration Board

I really love the courtesy reminders of tasks, I don’t have to be the nagging event planner…the clock does it for me :D.

This project management tool is just what I needed, right now.  Its helped tremendously to save a lot of time, paperwork, and stress…not only for me but my clients as well.

I’ve recently started using it to organize my large family portrait session this month and even the Parent Advisory Board at my daughter’s preschool.  I plan to put it to great use for my students of the Wedding Consultant Certification Course at Cal Poly Pomona this January, as well.

Basecamp has officially created a monster!  Or so my husband says.

NOTE:  See what its all about by clicking on the link below.  Basecamp offers ONE PROJECT for FREE as well as ONE MONTH trial period for FREE.  Enjoy organizing – toasterspeed!



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