Sometimes cutting costs isn’t so smart

I get the opportunity to meet with couples all the time who have seen all the wedding shows on television and parused the lastest celebrity magazines. I hear things like, “I want a wedding like Fergie and Josh Duhamel or Jay-Z and Beyonce, but for like five thousand dollars” or the ever famous, “I have five thousand dollars and like 300 guests”.

I understand the desire to cut costs right now (a lot of my friends are still struggling during this recession), however two things come to mind on this topic.

1. You get what you pay for. Having your cousin’s frat brother shoot the wedding or your great aunt on your father’s side do the flowers hardly ever works out in the end unless of course you were hoping for a hundred pictures of your best friends rear and spray painted carnations with fake doves on each table.

2. Planners can save you money. Okay, here’s a little secret. I get a lot of my vendors booked at a much lower rate than is available to you. On the average, I save my couples so much money that in the end, they basically get me for free.

So, the question remains, can I still have a great wedding without dropping $30,000-$100,000? Of course. You may need to skip on getting Spindarella to DJ and the bouquet of rare exotic orchids, but it is possible.

In the end, remember you can have the wedding of your dreams without necessarily spending a ton of money, however get some help so it doesn’t quickly turn into the wedding of your nightmares.


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