My Life | A Day In The Life – 01.20.10

12:30 am
Finishing touches on classwork and updates to client folders and contracts.

4:30 am
Off to bed…yay!

7:00 am
Yawn! I’m up, not sure why, oh yeah that’s right…I’ve got printing to do prior to my meetings today.

7:30 am
Cancel hair appointment. Not too happy about that one.

8:20 am
Finished babydoll’s hair, kissed her goodbye, she and Dad are off to school.

9:00 am
Josh off to work and I’m off to my first meeting. Rain drops have ceased for the moment.

9:20 am
Partial vendor qualification complete, I’ve set a client mtg for Friday

9:25 am
Doggonit…got on the wrong freeway. Good thing I have a decent cushion of time before my meeting.

9:50 am
Car mini-hydroplaned. Exhale. All is well, except I think we definitely need to look at the brakes now…I slammed on those pretty hard.

10:05 am
Yay, I’ve made it to Chino (cushion dissolved). Can’t wait to meet with my Bride (well not mine, yet…potential client) our only communication has been through a couple messages on Facebook.

12:15 pm
Great meeting…new client…new inspiration…good times

12:20 pm
Back in the car headed to next client meeting, dodging the domestic animals falling from the sky

12:30 pm
Where’s Starbucks?! Can’t find it. Coffee Bean it is!

12:32 pm
Quick follow up call to my client for their Anniversary meeting

12:40 pm
Received wonderful ‘dream come true’ text message from my BFF. Follow up call necessary while I wait for my client. TSNS!

12:50 pm
Design meeting to sign several contracts. Musician CHECK! Catering CHECK!

12:54 pm
Missed call from somewhere in Pomona.

12:55 pm
Rentals CHECK! Photographer CHECK! Invitations CHECK!

1:15 pm
Another call from Pomona, its Brooklyn’s school…oh no she has fever at 102.3

1:18 pm
Break from client meeting…gotta call Josh and figure out how to pick Brooklyn up.

1:20 pm
Back to meeting, a couple more key points discussed. (Brooklyn’s taken care of, she’s resting at home now) Mommy meter can relax a little for now.

3:05 pm
Fun text from another bride asking about teal tuxes. Woo hoo!

3:15 pm
Its pouring now, to the point you can hardly see in front of you…yet all those people who already can’t drive are out on the streets – where all common sense is completely washed away.

3:20 pm
Back on the freeway…nope getting off, people are too crazy and the roads are too wet. Side streets are much safer.

4:00 pm
Home with babygirl, I’ll rest with her for a little bit while Josh goes for meds and soup.

4:10 pm
Final set up for class tonight.

4:20 pm
Cuddlebugs with my girl.

5:00 pm
Josh is home…bad news though, brakes went out fortunately right in front of our house. Well, actually he didn’t stop til he got to our neighbors…almost to the corner.

5:02 pm
Quick! Need to find a car. I have 15 minutes to leave for class. Can’t have my students there before me. Man, I can’t wait till my Bug’s restored.

5:20 pm
Got the car. On the way to class. Returned phone call from my groom for his Anniversary meeting.

5:25 pm
Called and confirmed 3 guest speakers for Certification Course.

5:45 pm
Unlock classroom doors, two teams get to decorating their Escort Tables tonight.

5:55 pm
Quick text to confirm with client’s Cake Designer.

6:05 pm
Courtesy late start for any late comers. Class begins.

7:00 pm
A little itch in my throat. Hmmm.

7:20 pm
Class break. TheraFlu tea just in case. I can hear sniffles all around, breakout the cough drops and hand sanitizer.

8:30 pm
Do I sound funny? Class confirms I am definitely loosing my voice again. I just got it back too. Oh well.

9:20 pm
Room cleaned and back the way I found it. The last of the ladies all walk to their cars together and I’m on my way home.

10:00 pm
Big kisses to my girl, her fever is not too high right now.

10:20 pm
Update class grades. Attendance CHECK. Bridal Show credits CHECK. Table Escort Surveys CHECK.

11:00 pm (guestimation)
Zzzzzzzz. Oops fell asleep.

11:20 pm
Brooklyn woke up and wanted a kiss and some water. Zzzzzz. Oops fell asleep in her bed.

12:32 am
Alright not fighting it any longer. Time for bed. Cough, cough, sniffle sniffle. Doggonit!


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