My Life | One “Busy Little Bee”

I have definitely been MIA in the social media market the last few weeks.  No blog, hardly any tweets, dusty facebook status updates, and can’t even mention those ‘only in a dream’ day offs to catch up on it all.

After quite a few all-nighters and possibly even a few gray hairs, we are less than 3 weeks out from my “Two Month” wedding.  All the stress and ‘gettin’ it done’ that I love when we’re down to the wire for my couple’s celebrations.  It will be gorgeous incorporating a simple Scottish theme set to rich family focused undertones.  My love/hate relationship with those wonderful custom handmade antiqued wedding invitations with tartan fabric strips will be missed, now that they have all been mailed out.

In the midst of the constant balancing act of being momtreprenuer, focusing on my family first then my beautiful couples ranging from 3 to 30 weeks out, a wonderful floral vendor of mine and I decided this would be a great week to also start an early morning workout regime.  But then again, I’m glad we did because there will always be an excuse to postpone whats best for yourself when you’re in the business of looking out for others.  Even through the pain…I love our decision.  The more I say it, the more I believe it!  I love working out. I love working out at 6:30 in the morning.  I love working out at 6:30 in the morning in the freezing cold.  I love working out! 😀

I’ll get back into the online world soon.  Let me finish some wedding timelines, vendor confirmations, new clients event blueprints, email responses, bridal shows set ups and another workout.  Oh I should probably get a little sleep too, huh?!  Sounds like a plan.  I’ll be back after the holiday.

Happy Friday!


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