Real Love | April & Michael – Sweet Anticipation

I had the distinct pleasure of supporting a great couple in planning their wedding in Palos Verdes, California last week.

Their event was a-long-time-coming.  We originally set their date for September of 2009 and worked together for just under a year to get everything in order.  In the midst of the wedding plans, my very busy couple (who met while stationed in Afghanistan) started “over” full time jobs and my bride decided to join the Los Angeles Police Department.  Their commitment to excellence and service to the community meant, their wedding would be put on the back burner for a period of time until Academy Training was complete.

We began planning again towards the end of 2009 with a whole new design and location which proved to be an excellent choice for the cozy family atmosphere they wanted to have.  Their wedding became a very memorable, happy occasion for their family after enduring a few family losses over the Holidays.  This was a time for their families to reflect on the great times and build new fond memories starting with this festive Tuesday afternoon celebration.

I especially love this moment captured on this day because it shows a little of their quirky, fun loving side while still holding true to their history and family heritage.  This headless shot builds an anticipation for me I was not expecting.  As much as I can’t wait to see the images from the day, this image perfectly captures the essence of what my couple would say throughout the planning process …its not about them.

Thank you April & Michael.

{also thank you Rosina for your impeccable work and letting me steal this photo 😀  It is a wonderful sneak peak image}


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