The Big Step

This may have been the most romantic wedding I have ever had the pleasure of designing.  I love all my couples and know at the end each of their events are uniquely them and this was no different.

As simple as was the proposal, also was their wedding ceremony.  I received a phone call, in the middle of planning their Celebration with an intimate gathering of family and friends, asking if it was possible to have a ceremony with just the two of them on the beach.  Absolutely!

In about an hour and after a few phone calls and text messages, their beach ceremony was planned with some of my favorite vendors.  We found a gorgeous secluded beach just down from their condo, confirmed their photographer for an additional session, ordered an additional vintage bouquet, scheduled an amazing officiant and surprised the couple with a gourmet dinner prepared by a gourmet chef at their condo after the nuptials.

The two were chauffeured to the secluded beach and made their way down the steps to the sand.  The groom lifted her off the last step and walked together to the officiant for their private ceremony.  Absolutely amazing with a gorgeous setting sun in the foreground.  After a very teary-eyed ceremony the couple were wed.  They were shuffled off to pictures as I ran off to dress their condo.  They came home to a romantic candlelit living room, the sultry smells of their gourmet dinner and the serenade of Andrea Boccelli.

It was absolutely beautiful and ended with my favorite line…”this was so much more than we expected”.

Their family celebration is just around the corner…I will share more pictures soon. Sigh!


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