Real Love | Rai & Shawn – Engagement DTLA

After a couple weeks, they’re finally here and you get a little sneak peek…but not too many since these beautiful shots will be used for other wedding details.

Rai & Shawn are such a fun couple.  What better way to start their Engagement Photo Session than to head down to Melrose & LaBrea for an LA favorite – Pink’s Hot DogsRobert Mora met us there and was all ready with camera in hand.  Ms. Gloria Pink herself even came by to say “Hello” to my beautiful couple and offered a memorable “keepsake” for them (well, they were hot dogs…so not sure how well they’d actually keep, but we got some fun shots) 🙂

How’s that for a Save The Date?!


After a quick bite…we were on our way to the Artist District for some fun-lovin’ eclectic backgrounds.

Congratulations again Rai & Shawn!  A little over 3 months ’til we get to see your nuptials.  Oooh, I can’t wait!


PS. This one proves I do make myself useful at Engagement Shoots.  Who else is going to make sure my couples are hydrated, keep them from being shiny and maintain fly-aways? 😉


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