my brag book} Brandi Turney – JoJo’s Dozen

There have been few women in my life that keep me grounded yet at the same time inspire my dreams.  One of those women is my lovely Brandi Turney (founder of JoJo’s Dozen – the best handmade desserts and comfort food from scratch).  We’ve been best friends since we were 5 and through our lives, in every direction they’ve turned, we have been there for, inspired, focused, encouraged, challenged, praised and loved each other.

She is an amazing woman.  You will walk away on a high after just one encounter.

Its all fitting she be mentioned as a Daring Doer with this weekend’s Spark and Hustle conference in Los Angeles, featuring guest speakers from Vera Bradley, Carol’s Daughter, Women Who Wow and best selling author of ‘Crush It’.

I’m so very excited for her and can’t wait to see how all her seed planting of inspiration and being there for others cultivates into the successful woman, wife, mother, friend, entrepreneur we know she is now and will rise to be.

Read and be inspired from the sparks in her featured bio:   Daring Doer: Brandi Turney


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