Fall 2011 Wedding Trends

Even though the weather in Los Angeles says otherwise, the fall wedding season is almost upon us. With each new season comes new wedding trends. New ideas showing up, old ideas dying down…and some staying strong in tradition. Here’s some trends you will surely see this season:

In: the DIY Inspired. The DIY trend is still going strong for fall 2011 weddings. The easiest things to make yourself? Favors and centerpieces. The hardest? The bridal gown and the wedding cake. Even if you’re not actually “Doing It Yourself”, the DIY look is becoming increasingly popular.
Out: Wedding Cupcakes. While they are tasty and cute, the wedding cupcake (including cake pops) has been done so much that it has lost its originality…unless of course you’re doing something different like Jo Jo’s DozenFirst Crush” or “Old Fashioned 7-Up” flavors. Want to try something new? Think Rice Krispie treat cakes, brownie cakes, mini pies, cake in a jar (saw this at the fair last week) and so on. Trendy or not, everyone loves the dessert at a wedding reception, so you really cannot go wrong with whatever you choose…unless it tastes bad.

In: Anything Royal Inspired. The wedding of Princess Catherine and Prince William earlier this year has had a definite influence on brides. A dainty version of the bridal tiara has come back into style after several years of being out, elaborate monograms are a favored detail for wedding invitations, and traditional entertaining is coming back into favor. And those sleeves! Expect to see plenty of brides wearing wedding gowns with long lace sleeves both for fall 2011 and well into spring 2012. Brides want to be treated like a princess and will be undoubtably dressing the part.
Out: Choreographed First Dances. It may be your favorite episode of the Office, but it doesn’t mean you need to reenact it for all your guests. With a general return to good old fashioned romance this season, we will be seeing the first dance return to its origins as a very special moment shared by the newlyweds. Bridesmaids everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief that they will no longer be expected to attend dance rehearsals as part of their pre-wedding duties. It’s not about one upping your friend’s wedding, but getting back to celebrating what’s important to you.

In: Rich Colors and Jewel Tones. Deep colors like plum are very popular for fall 2011 bridesmaid dresses. Other hot colors for attendants include cobalt blue, emerald green, and deep pewter. Bridesmaid dresses that look like chic party dresses rather than traditional bridesmaid dresses are also a big trend. Look for dresses with pretty necklines like off the shoulder and portrait neckline for a departure from the usual strapless. Also dresses that can actually be worn again are being preferred.
Out: Identical Bridesmaid Dresses. I should have to say this…BUT, just because someone is a bridesmaid does not mean she is no longer an individual. Also, not all dresses look the same on all body shapes. More and more brides are going the route of asking their friends to select their own dress within a certain color family. Giving your bridesmaids a color fabric sample is a great way to go. And for the more controlling bride (your secret’s safe with me), why not have them shoot you a pic while they’re in the store…after all, that’s why smart phones were invented.

In: Colorfully Wonderful Shoes. Whether you are rocking cobalt blue Jimmy Choos or Red Cowgirl boots, I am seeing a lot more brides donning shoes will a lot more flare. Enjoy adding a little color to your walk down the aisle this season…and remember, it’s your world!
Out: The Electric Slide. Now I know I’ll get some slack for this one…people their electric slide…some may even consider it a a cultural tradition. Try something new, like salsa lessons or bring back the old soul train line.

In: After Parties. Forget the chicken or beef and do an evening ceremony with a great after party instead. Try a cognac bar, put out coffees and cappuccinos, and get a cigar roller for men (and some brave women). What about sipping a custom design cocktail and dancing until the cops come (well, maybe that’s a bit too far). Just make suer you communicate with your guests what is being served, because there’s nothing worse than sitting at a reception with your stomach growling.
Out: Assigned Seating. Of course you should still make sure grandma has a great seat not too close to the DJ’s speakers, however giving your guests the opportunity to meet new people and sit where they choose is quickly becoming more common. I suggest having assistants who can still help, just incase your guests show up in odd numbers. I’m a a bit OCD when it comes to organization (which is partly why I love what I do), so I will still be pushing for assigned seating…at least loosely assigned (whatever that means).

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