Skip the Chicken & Rice Pilaf

There are a lot of Hot Trends for 2012 as couples are realizing that the rules have begun to change. What would have been considered faux pas in years past is now part of the fun of going to a wedding today. Couples are thinking outside the box when planning their event and that is making for a memorable time for their family and guests.

One of my favorite new trends is the use of Gourmet Food Trucks for the reception. Now, this won’t work for all venues or even all cities (some cities have very strict food trucks laws). We see these food trucks at festivals, universities, art walks, and even sitting in LA traffic next to us.

Some of my favorites are Kogi BBG, The Grilled Cheese Truck, Buttermilk (try the Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Pancakes), Da Burger Boss, Macho Nacho, and White Rabbit. Let us not forget the infamous In-n-Out truck.

Although the thought of hiring food trucks to cater your event may be just what you’re looking for, here are a few things to consider.

1. You may want to hire one food truck per every 65-75 guests. Food trucks can handle large amounts of people, however it may take as long as an hour for some guests to get their food. Having multiple trucks can help reduce the waiting time and provide more variety.

2. Double check any restrictions your location venue or city may have concerning food trucks. Some cities still treat gourmet food trucks like ice cream trucks and require them to move after 15 minutes. Some venues may not want food trucks setting up on their property.

3. If the thought of having your guests wait in line to order and pick up their food does not sound enchanting, consider hiring staff to order and serve items from a set menu predetermined by you.

Until next time, happy eating and maybe I’ll run into you doing a “tasting” at one of the hundreds of food trucks in Los Angeles or Orange County.  Oooh wait, I just remembered…Temaki Truck and Lobsta Truck will be in my neck of the wood this weekend at Pomona Art Walk.  Nom Nom. 😉

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