For Men | Groomsmen Gifts

So you picked your groomsmen and the bachelor party is being planned, but the question still stands…what gift says thanks for donning a tux, standing on stage filled with flowers and throwing a great stag party. Do you go with the engraved lighter or the golf ball key chain? Here are a few more unique suggestions.

weber-smokey-joe-grillWEBER SMOKEY JOE GRILL

This portable grill is perfect for city dwellers or outdoor aficionados. Boasting an Army-green enameled finish, the Weber Smokey Joe Grill ($50) features a lightweight steel and aluminum bowl and lid, heavy-duty cooking grate, rustproof aluminum vent and ash catcher, and glass-reinforced nylon handles.


Elite status. Preferred pricing. VIP treatment. Exclusive community. These are the types of benefits FoundersCard members receive from premier hotel, travel, and lifestyle brands and business services. With over 10,000 members worldwide, FoundersCard is recognized as the leading membership community for entrepreneurs and innovators. In addition to elite benefits from premier brands, members have the opportunity to network at exclusive events hosted by the most sought-after hotels around the world. For a limited time, Uncrate readers can click here and apply for a FoundersCard membership at over 30% off the standard rate ($395 vs. $595) with code UNCRATE16.


It’s never fun to bust out a nice cigar only to realize you’ve got a lighter but forgot your cutter — or vice versa. The Blazer Optimus Cigar Torch Lighter & Guillotine Cutter ($36) prevents this unfortunate circumstance by combining a guillotine cutter and lighter in one compact package, with a wind-resistant blue flame and a magnetic cutter lock. Just don’t forget it, lest you wind up completely screwed.


Whether you’re a professional heli-skier or a geek stuck down in the IT department, you should always have a good multi-tool in your pocket. But if the thought of said tool weighing down your pants all day doesn’t appeal, maybe it’s time to get yourself something a little less bulky. The Leatherman Skeletoolis an ultra-light pocket-survival-tool that includes just the essentials — a super sharp knife, full-size pliers with wire cutters, an interchangeable screwdriver, and a carabiner clip/bottle opener. The Skeletool keeps weight and volume to a minimum without sacrificing quality or functionality. Two versions will be available — the Skeletool ($58) and Skeletool CX ($80; shown), which switches out some of the stainless steel components for carbon fiber.

sheep-dip-scotch-2SHEEP DIP SCOTCH

Distilled, matured, and bottled in Scotland, Sheep Dip Scotch ($40) is more than just an odd name. This 8-year-old malt whisky features a smooth, rich flavor, and an amazingly angry sheep on the label. Says Uncrate reader Adam, “I’m no expert, but it’s a bit smoother for me than the Yamazaki, more on par with JW black, but even has a bit of a milder taste than the JW.”


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