Wedding Tip | No. 1

Life.  That one word, both as a noun and verb, will sometimes send my heart and brain in a whirlwind.  As you are reading this now…know I have typed, deleted, re-typed and rearranged that first sentence several times.  There is usually so much going on in our lives and what lies ahead that it can become hard to focus on now.

If fact, take a moment, close your eyes (WAIT! not right now…finish this sentence first!), take a deep inhale through your nose and exhale deeply through your mouth, repeat at least three times.  No cheating!  They need to be deep, calming, centering breaths.

Wedding Tip 1In all the little & big list of event to dos, running a gallery AND the day-to-day of work, out-of-town visitors, household malfunctions, body aches, bill paying, AND being mommy…I have to remind myself to breathe.  Sometimes, I only have a moment between emails and phone calls and pick ups and drop offs.  In those little moments (even right now as I type this) is when I purposefully inhale and exhale.  There is just something about that small action.

I know how I get, so I’m sure you may need that reminder every now and then as well.  When your eyes are blurry from all the amazing Pinterest inspiration.  Breathe.  When you’re looking at your long or even short but significant list of to dos.  Breathe.  When responses from your various phone calls or emails have not come in during your allotted work break.  Breathe.  And yes, even, when all is well, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and you actually have a moment to sit and celebrate your accomplishments.  Breathe.

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