Real Love | Ashley & Junior


Happy Anniversary Ashley & Junior!

This beautiful couple came to us to design wedding invitations for their Hawaii celebration in November.  By the close of our invite meeting, we found they were planning for a quick ceremony that coming weekend.  I quickly switched into my Event Designer hat (wanting them to be all smiles as they talked about their coming celebration) and told them what I tell many couples, “You only really need 3 things to get married…the couple, an officiant and a marriage license”; meaning location is up to you.  We could technically marry them right then and there in our loft.  This transitioned into a nice evening walk down Pomona’s historic Second Street where we perused many potential galleries to host their small event that weekend.  After a few phone calls, we were able to confirm Mosaic Gallery for that Saturday afternoon, just before the start of that evening’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk.

It was such a great fit for their intimate wedding of about 20 people.  And with a few more phone calls, we confirmed Arali Mendez to capture all the moments and a few decor details to make their event just right for them.


Another great thing about small intimate weddings…when I find the Groom’s favorite water in a cute little pint size AND on sale…we can get enough for everyone.


Note to self:  Brooklyn really likes tossing rice.

(for those concerned – we swept up all the rice before any poor creatures got to it.)


They even received a VIP escort from my little assistant  🙂


Congratulations again Junior & Ashley.  It is still our absolute pleasure to have been their for you at the start of your new life together.

“Two Years Down, Forever To Go!”


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