A little New Year’s surprise

Thank youI love receiving thank you cards from previous couples or event vendors.  There is just something so special to me when someone takes a moment to express their appreciation for all the hard work and effort put into their celebration.  I have every single one of my thank you cards and gifts from clients and cherish them greatly.

At the very very end of the year, in the middle of all the Holiday hustle and bustle getting ready for the New Year, I received a thank you card from a couple that did not end up booking our services.  We met one evening in The Loft for a couple hours to go over some ideas and really see if we would be a good fit for them and their budget.  They were not sure of all the details except they wanted to wed on December 5th that year, which was really only a few weeks away.  We parted ways without an event contract signed, however maybe inspiration for a more open conversation between the two individuals.  I did not hear from them again until I opened my mail on New Year’s Eve.

“Chara Nicole, We have been meaning to send you our thanks for many weeks – we so appreciate you meeting with us to discuss our wedding plans.  Although we didn’t get the opportunity to work with you, your suggestion / recommendation of McKinley Grille in Pomona worked out beautifully for our wedding ceremony.  We were married on 12/5/13.  Thank you so much for your time, we enjoyed meeting you.” – Cheryl & Deb

It was such a sweet surprise to receive this thank you card which even included a monetary tip.  I thought “how sweet”, although we did not support them on the day-to-day planning, we were still a huge support with a few out-of-the-box ideas for potential venues, getting the design conversation moving and a realization they could get what they wanted within their financial means…creating a celebration unique to them.

Maybe this year we can make it a year of expressed gratefulness.  Making sure to thank everyone for their support in your lives no matter how big or small.

~love Chara Nicole

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