Tuesday’s Table | Rainbow

As much as I like a timeless Black & White or monochromatic themed event, I am literally obsessed with Color.  Even as an adult; spotting a rainbow in the sky, through the waterfall of the sprinklers, the flare of my wedding ring on the dashboard as I drive…a Rainbow just makes me smile from ear to ear.

Now imagine this palette on your table when dining with friends and family.  When done properly, the playful blend of colors provoke your sensory system and leave a lasting impression in the hearts of everyone invited.

TT23 Rainbow

Tuesday’s Table | Whiskey & Cigars

With my husband’s birthday coming up this week, I was inspired by the age old complexities of whiskey & cigars (two of his favorites). Usually thought of as merely a gentleman’s favorite, the rich color and time honored tradition of a fine cigar and sip of scotch help tell a story of dedication, loyalty, pleasure and time.


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Tuesday’s Table | Candlelight

When thinking about an evening reception during the summer, I immediately thought…candles, tons of candles. Candlelight gives the room an unbelievably romantic atmosphere. Whether your venue is a large hallowed banquet hall or a quaint country vineyard, the soft flicker of the flame will give you a unique intimacy. And remember, everyone looks better by candlelight.

Tuesday'sTable Candlelight2

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Tuesday’s Table | Picnic in the Park

This week’s table is for all those who aren’t afraid to grab a blanket, find a great patch of grass under a hundred year old tree and spend a little time enjoying the outdoors. Picnic inspired weddings and events have recently become more common (pending the weather is just right) complete with pillows, blankets, box lunches, wild flowers, and lemonade…shoes are optional.

Tuesday's Table PICNIC

Be a Fabulous Wedding Planner


I’ve been designing and planning weddings for almost 13 years. Like a lot of planners and many of you, it started as a hobby just helping organize and produce something special for family, a friend or a friend’s friend. My business was run “on the side” of my full-time (60-100+ hour) media/production job. I knew event planning was what I wanted and was even meant to do.

For the last several years, I’ve spent part of my time training others in the art of wedding planning, through the Wedding Consultant Certification course offered at Cal Poly Pomona and various training workshops and showcases. Far beyond the pretty flowers and dresses found on Pinterest lies a meticulously well-oiled machine complete with vendor qualifications, timelines, deadlines, budgets and a lot of hard work. We become the client’s friend, accountant, production manager, therapist, and confidant.  I take such pride in the list of successful planners and business owners supported by these trainings and so grateful to take part in the building of their dreams as well.

July 10, 2013, the Wedding Consultant Certification (495.00) course will begin at Cal Poly Pomona. Over the ten Wednesday nights, you will learn the nitty-gritty of wedding planning that will undoubtedly give you a suitable foundation to not only excel in your business, but excel in making your client’s dreams come true. You will receive your certification, which is required in many of the more reputable wedding venues throughout Southern California. Sign up now…space is (very) limited.

July 27, 2013, the Day of Wedding Workshop (175.00) will be offered at the LOFT for those of you who are looking to get the tools needed to run the actual wedding day and the weeks leading up to it. Learning how to set things in order so that the big day goes off without a hitch. This workshop is open to Wedding Planners, DIY Brides (or Bridesmaids), Photographers/DJs (looking to expand their business) and more. A lot of DIY Brides decide not to hire a professional planner and have a friend or family member help run the big day…this is the perfect opportunity to make sure they have a bit of training. If you’re interested in attending, email me at info@openboxdesigns.com or Register/Pay here.

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