Street Art Proposal – Graffiti Love

Aimee Davison, a Montreal web producer, social media marketer, model and actor took on the task of completing 100 random jobs. This is number 97 of 100. She was hired by a young man to create a little bit of street art (graffiti) as a proposal gift for his fiance.

She chose a location high-up, with a beautiful view of the sky, to compliment the theme of the work. She filmed herself making her creation and filmed the bride’s reaction. She also made the bride-to-be a pen and ink version on watercolour paper to keep. Enjoy.

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Proposing Marriage is an Art (Literally)

This guy commissioned New York-based graffitti muralists to paint an entire wall in Manhattan’s Lower East Side for his lover. (She said yes. Thank goodness.) Grand gestures like these are probably as old as marriage itself; what’s unique is the concept of a proposal in the form of community art. I wonder what their invitations will look like.

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Creative STD (Save the Date) Video

I was passed this video by my husband who saw it on another designer’s site.

What a creative & “green” way to do a Save the Date. Great job Molly & Max.

Creative STDs are so much fun!

Your Wedding Invitations tend to be your guests first impression of your event.  It usually makes the connection to the style of wedding it will be and tells them the appropriate attire for the occasion.  This may also come from your STDs, however, most of the time couples use this to show a little more of their creative-fun loving side since their wedding is more of the Cathedral elegant fashion.

A creative Save The Date can make a lasting impression on your guest and therefore many couples are choosing to make them more personal.  Here are a few of my favorites:

DIY Bride published Tim and Jane’s Video STD – absolutely adorable!

My Business Card was featured!

I ran into a good friend this past weekend who informed me that my business card was featured on a printer’s website. Turns out one of my old business cards was included in their “10 Creative Business Card Designs” blog post. Kudos to my designer for his great work.

Too bad they didn’t use my new card (pictured)…I really love it.

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