I Pin, Therefore I Am

I’ve been pinning since the very beginning and enjoying every minute of it. I remember when my husband (a marketing nerd) told me about it. He was all like, “babe, you can pin things you like and create boards and people will be inspired.” I thought, this is just another social media thing trying to take my time away from working with my clients and spending time with my family.

Eventually, I gave in and decided to give a whirl. I loved it and use it to find and provide inspiration. Finding everything from invitation ideas to color schemes to random experiments I must try. Follow me on Pinterest and don’t be afraid to give some feedback and provide a bit of your won inspiration. See you there.


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A Little Inspiration | Lace – a new trend for 2013

Ever since Kate Middleton stepped out in her divine lace inspired wedding dress, the world has fallen back in love with lace again. We began to see lace more this year, it is so pretty as accents this winter and will continue into a huge trend for spring of 2013. I created a Pinterest board called “Lace” to showcase a few examples of utilizing lace in your wedding. I hope it inspires your designs. Enjoy.



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Day of Wedding Workshop


A bunch of you requested we postpone the Workshop to Saturday, September 22nd. So we did. Same location, same time. See you there.

Call to reserve your seat or
Send me an Email to imagine@openboxdesigns.com to Reserve your seat.

Finding Your Perfect Theme

One of the funnest parts of my job is exercising my creativity to design and tell my couple’s story.  I love hearing how they met, how they knew they were meant for each other, finding out the key moments that brought them to where they are now, their proposal…it just goes on and on and on and on.  I so appreciate their story and even more how they have trusted me to design their event in a way that will visually, emotionally and subconsciously share this story with their family and friends.

When we first meet, we detail their overall vision for their celebration.  My goal is to find out “what do they want their event to look like? sound like? feel like? smell like? taste like?”

The story above was my interpretation of how this couple met and their favorite moment of the day…sunrise.  In sharing their story, this bride made sure to mention how much they loved the sun as it rises and shines through the trees.  They didn’t know how to explain this look or how it could be translated in colors or design.  I took that bit of information and found images that, to me, expressed how subtle, yet amazing, this vision of a new day is.

I enjoyed putting this inspiration together…and not just because I love yellow 🙂

Telling your story is more than adding two paragraphs to your wedding website or including it on the program insert, its requires a little creativity and know-how in properly ‘branding’ you as a couple.  Don’t you want your guests to walk away from your event knowing it was your wedding they went to and not just another cookie-cutter wedding out of a book?  Try these steps for finding your perfect overall theme (brand):

1. Think of those special moments in your relationship or favorite little anecdotes that will resonate with your family and friends, reminding them of your love story.

2. Remember that certain colors and aromas can provoke specific emotions. They can trigger very specific memories. Use them wisely.

3. Chose one (possibly two) specific tone that seems to sum up your overall persona best. Are you happy, serious, elegant, workaholics, adventurous, or even romantically goofy?

4. Tie all these aspects together and remember simplicity goes a long way.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF ONCEWED (yellow pomander/yellow bouquet), MISSAUKEE GOLF CLUB (sun shining in trees), LIN AND JIRSA (sofreh), PERFECTLY BOUND BLOG (yellow dress), POPPYS PETAL WORKS (multi-color round centerpiece), and Chara Nicole’s LISA AND ED WEDDING (passed flame in lighting unity candle)

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FREE December “Day Of Wedding” Coordination

Between the three of us (my hubby, babydoll and myself), we’ve officially gone through two cartons of eggnog in the last three days. That can only mean one thing…well two…ONE – my workouts need to increase 🙂 and TWO – the Holidays are coming and with that so is a Giveaway!

This last year has been quite a bumpy road for so many people and I’d love to extend my support to a well deserving couple ready to be wed this December. We are giving away Day of Wedding Coordination to one lucky couple, which usually starts at $1500. If you know of a couple who deserves the peace of mind a Day of Coordinator can provide (for no additional cost) or you’d like to enter you and your fiance, complete the form provided and let us know a little bit about yourself and why you deserve to win.


Entries must be received by November 23rd 11:59 pm. Three finalist will be chosen. Now the fun begins – starting November 24th – your family, friends and even complete strangers have the opportunity to vote for the winner. The winning couple will be announced on November 30th.

This is for any December couple in Southern California* (unless you’d like us to travel – out of state or overeas!)

Congratulations in advance and Happy Holidays!

By the way, if you so choose, each couple entering will receive a 1-hour consultation to review any of their wedding details and 30% off is offered to couples booking in December (per calendar availability).


By registering for this promotion, you agree to the terms stated in the Conditions of Promotion.

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