Tuesday’s Table | Native Inspired

Our family has ties to the Diné (Navajo)Choctaw, Blackfoot, and Cherokee Nations. Our Tuesday’s Table gives honor to this beautiful heritage, full of life, color, and vibrancy.
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Rock My Wedding | Wedding Nouveau – Frida Kahlo

Wedding Nouveau – Native American

Tuesday’s Table | Day After

We started a tradition, nearly 10 years ago, saying Thank You to our parents and grandparents.  The day after Thanksgiving, we take a moment to breathe.  It’s just a little of something to show them how much they mean to us.  No football games, no rushing around to other houses, no kid’s table, just us and them enjoying a beautiful meal and great conversation.

This year, we invited them to our Loft gallery for an amazing Paleo approved meal I prepared (for some of the new dietary commitments). A slow cooked roast, homemade crancherry sauce, organic green beans and cashews, bacon wrapped dates (filled with almonds), persimmon salad, baked apples for dessert and more.

TuesdaysTable Day After

Below are some pictures from the dinner.

Our 2009 Family Portraits

This gorgeous photo was taken by the wonderful Rosina.  She was such a pleasure to work with and was so professional/patient working with our huge family of thirteen and our dog Havana.

We looked so great together with our OC white shirts and jeans but a little extra character with Native turquoise accents.

Our shoot was on a gorgeous sunny day with all the colors of a California Winter.  We had so much more fun than we thought we would.  Even hearing the music of the Ice Cream Truck and watching all the grown cousins and a few parents running for first dibs.  It made for a great impromptu prop.  We should have had a videographer there too capturing all the moments not seen in front of the still camera.

Thank you to my wonderful family and thank you again Rosina for such a memorable event.  This is a great glimpse into our day, I can’t wait to see the other moments you captured!

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