Tuesday’s Table | Native Inspired

Our family has ties to the Diné (Navajo)Choctaw, Blackfoot, and Cherokee Nations. Our Tuesday’s Table gives honor to this beautiful heritage, full of life, color, and vibrancy.
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Rock My Wedding | Wedding Nouveau – Frida Kahlo

Wedding Nouveau – Native American

A Little Inspiration | Girl Scouts

Finally resting this evening with my Babydoll, our new puppy Roux, and our last box of Thin Mints.  Its been a crazy few days; completing a rush Invitation order, full day ‘Yellow’ workshop in The Loft, distributing posters for next month’s “Day Of Wedding” Workshop and several other accomplishments.  I thought I’d take a moment on Pinterest to relax my brain (yes, sometimes gathering and sharing inspirations really do relax me) and I came across an eye catching business card design of Love Creative Blog.  It so intrigued me, I had to follow the link. 🙂

This led me to a few of the cutest blog posts I’ve seen in a while filled with Girl Scout inspirations that can be infused in our events and daily designs.  And being as though my Babydoll’s troop is all done with Cookie Booths and in celebration of the last day of Girl Scout Week (Mar 10-16)…how fitting that I find these posts today?!

Enjoy.  Be inspired.  And try not to salivate. 🙂


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