The “Day Of Wedding” Workshop

As many of you know, I have been actively involved in the wedding industry for some time now as a planner, coordinator, designer or whatever the new terminology is. Over the years I have come across many vendors and friend of friends who claim to either provide day of coordination services professionally or were just the willing volunteer chosen for the job. Some did their task well, some could have used some minor help, and some (not you of course) were doomed from the get go.

In talking with a few friends of mine, I had a brilliant (I think so anyway) idea. Provide basic training. I have been training and certifying new planners/coordinators for some time now through Cal Poly Pomona’s Extended University Program, however this would be different by far. Here is what we’re looking at:

  • One Day Workshop (complete with breakfast & lunch)
  • 10 Things That Will Save the Day
  • A Sure-Fire Rehearsal Walkthrough
  • Ask the Questions You Can’t Ask During a Wedding
  • What Is a Qualified Vendor and Why They Are Important
  • Timelines, Worksheets a Pencil and How to Use Them

Basically, this a unique opportunity to be “trained” in the art of Wedding Planning for that special day. Whether you are a vendor looking to provide “day of” services or a couple looking for a unique way to train your best friend to do the job…effectively, this workshop is for you.  There are so many things that can potentially go “left” on that special day, why would you trust someone to oversee it that is isn’t trained properly?

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