Tuesday’s Table | Picnic in the Park

This week’s table is for all those who aren’t afraid to grab a blanket, find a great patch of grass under a hundred year old tree and spend a little time enjoying the outdoors. Picnic inspired weddings and events have recently become more common (pending the weather is just right) complete with pillows, blankets, box lunches, wild flowers, and lemonade…shoes are optional.

Tuesday's Table PICNIC

Tuesday’s Table | Americana (Red/White/Blue)

The fourth of July is quickly approaching and a sense of nostalgia is in the air. Throughout the United States of America, the thought of fireworks, barbeque, watermelon, and anything red, white and blue is on our minds. Whether you’re in the hot streets of New York, the red hills of Georgia, or the crashing shores of California, we all seem to put down our differences and get a bit patriotic this time of year.

TuesdaysTable - Americana

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