Is Your Wedding Legendary or Just Another Saturday Night?

My husband (marketing/design guy) wrote a blog post this morning on his site about Influencers. It got me thinking about this concept in regards to wedding and event designs.  Its ironic how many clients want a unique, out of the box event, yet continue to do the same things they are seeing. Now, given, they do not have the same opportunity I have to see certain ideas overdone. When it comes to wedding and event designers, the breakdown is the same…Innovators, Influencers (trendsetters/early adopters), early/late majority and the laggards. What we see in most of in the magazines are usually somewhere between early and late majority, but we are convinced we are watching the trendsetters.

How cool would it be if your wedding or event was the one that all your friends, coworkers, and family emulated for their events, as opposed to the other way around. Staying ahead of the game, when it comes to weddings and events, is part of what I love to do. Trust me when I say that I have so many cool ideas I don’t even know what to do with.

The question is…

Will Your Wedding or Event Be Legendary

or Just Another Saturday Night?

Here is my husband’s post (located at

The Influencers, Trendsetters or Early Adopters are the ones who take the Innovator’s ideas to rest of the world. Innovators are rarely accepted by the masses due to the the extremity of their ideas. It takes influencers to fashion their ideas and pass them along to the early majority which in turn pass them along to the late majority and laggards.

Taking great ideas and finding a way to solve the problems and the answer the concerns of your customer, follower or fan is the key to being seen as an Influencer. It will be the reason they come to you on a regular basis. Unleash your brand, to not only provide what everyone else provides, but to awaken new ideas that will give your customer the edge. They will be forever indebted to you and your brand…as long as you continue to provide new ideas that work.

Here’s a cool documentary which will hopefully get your creative juices flowing:

Recommended Reading: Diffusion of Innovations by Everett Rogers

Eco-smart Weddings

My Brooklyn (5) joining in the recycling

As a family, we have adopted many eco-friendly habits such as using some vintage (recycled) furniture, turning the lights off in rooms we are not in, recycling bottles & cans and even driving a car with amazing gas milage. But, when it comes to weddings, I get asked by brides all the time for ideas on how to keep their special day green. I’m not just talking about printing your invites on recycled paper (which is not a bad idea either).  Here are five ideas to help you do your part to save the world…one wedding at a time.

1. The Invites – Now, I’m a stickler for sending out invites…please don’t invite me to a wedding via evite, text or email, however remember…less is more. Sending out a simple one sheet invite with a web address on the back providing more information can save anywhere from 2-4 sheets of paper in your invite suite.

"Cooking Mercado" at the Farmer's Market

2. The Food – Instead of going with the old chicken and steak deal at your event, opt for a chef who uses fresh locally grown foods like “Cooking Mercado“. Not only will you be eco-friendly, but your food will taste so much better than the rubbery chicken and spring vegetable medley that has become the norm.

3. The Flowers – Flowers are a staple at pretty much every wedding, however using less of them is not only eco-smart, but it will potentially save you a ton of money. Some couples are even opting to grow their own.

4. The Leftovers – Why not donate the leftover flowers and food to local shelter or retirement home. Spread the joy of your day with those who may be a bit less fortunate.

Luke & Jessica by MH Media Group

5. The Dress – Instead of buying that new wedding gown from a shop up the street, opt to go vintage. Whether redesigning your mother/grandmother’s dress or hitting up your local vintage shops, you will save money and be a recycling queen. Even the groom can participate in this one. Why not have the men in vintage suits…

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So Long 2009 – you were definitely a year to be reckoned with!

"Imagination is a very high sort of seeing" - Ralph Waldo Emerson 1844

On one hand, I am so grateful for such great moments like being part of creating memories for new Mr & Mrs.  Amazed at how I end up with the greatest couples to work with…all now having enjoyed their first Christmas together.  Along with some long yet worth-while days and nights with HER.  2009 was the Year for HER Release and other fun corporate and social events including a simple sandwich and tea party that started as a small gathering with my mom and her granddaughters and quickly grew into a high-end Princess Tea Party Event complete with antique china, vintage formal attire, custom baked butterfly cookies (Annette of Sweet Addictions), photographer (Joshua Swodeck) and videographer (Jon of Planet Zaya), and field trip for a studio photo session.

On the other hand, 2009 was also a year of learning and recovery.  My attorneys were used for the first time to reconcile payment for an event.  Five days before one of my weddings, I suffered a head-neck-and-back injury…meaning no lifting or standing for long periods of time and me moving at a snails pace but thanks to my wonderful assistants – the event was beautiful and noone was the wiser.  I went through a dry summer of scheduling followed by my husband loosing his job right before babygirl’s birthday.  Enter immediate need to practice the art of juggling and re-purposing to make ends meet and not get laid out by burning the candle at both ends.

And now 2010 is here.  So far its started with a bang…enjoying Disneyland on the very first day of the year (we may just make this a new tradition) and tomorrow, my husband starts his new full-time position.  The Holidays, and its hit-and-miss work schedule, has now brought upon the need for great accomplishments these first couple days of the year, but I am ready and anxious for “toaster speed” productivity.

First up are the celebrations of a few anniversaries, one of which is of my record breaking wedding, completely planning their event in 20 days.

The Winter session of the Wedding Consultant Certification Course at Cal Poly Pomona starts this Wednesday for 10 weeks.  My previous classes have kept me posted on their accomplishments, so I am really looking forward to meeting this new set of potential planners and seeing their dreams become reality as well. Basecamp HQ will be part of this session, so I am anxious to see how well we streamline the communication and project completions for the class.

In the middle of it all are the plannings of several beautiful events for my wonderful couples starting with Scottish Elegance, followed closely by Vintage Hollywood Glam.  There are lots more themed weddings this year including my Sunrise Family Affair/Lakeside BBQ, LA Wedding and Modern Polynesian Inspiration.

I am already excited about looking back on 2010 and being very pleased with what I see.

“This bright new year is given me 
to live each day with zest
.  To daily grow and try to be
 my highest and my best!
” – William Arthur Ward

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” 
- Edith Lovejoy Pierce

A Little Inspiration | 2010 Pantone Color of the Year

Last year I was blown away by the 2009 Choice of Yellow (Mimosa 12-0848).  As much as I love yellow, its not the first pick of many people, however it does just make you wanna smile when you see it splashed on a table setting or business card.

This time around I chose Turquoise as one of the colors for our Christmas 2009 Family Portraits.  Intuition?!? (I promise I didn’t cheat)

According to PANTONE,  “Turquoise Transports Us to an Exciting, Tropical Paradise While Offering a Sense of Protection and Healing in Stressful Times”.

Maybe its just right for you and your special occasion!

Set created on by CharaNicole.  Champagne Blouse (H&M Shop Online).  DKNY Shoes Tina Leather Bow Pumps (  Turquoise Michael Kors Roslyn Leather shoulder bag (  Coral Temperley London Electric Hobo leather bag (  Persian Printed Scarf in Tangerine (  Blue Velvet Flower Corsage (  Moss Agate Ring (  Lust Dusters: Benefit Cosmetics clipped by Hannah (  Belle Escape Vintage Shabby Chic Mirror (  Diane James-Salmon and Pink Roses (  1920-1940 Louis XV Style Three Seated Sofa (

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