Eco-smart Weddings

My Brooklyn (5) joining in the recycling

As a family, we have adopted many eco-friendly habits such as using some vintage (recycled) furniture, turning the lights off in rooms we are not in, recycling bottles & cans and even driving a car with amazing gas milage. But, when it comes to weddings, I get asked by brides all the time for ideas on how to keep their special day green. I’m not just talking about printing your invites on recycled paper (which is not a bad idea either).  Here are five ideas to help you do your part to save the world…one wedding at a time.

1. The Invites – Now, I’m a stickler for sending out invites…please don’t invite me to a wedding via evite, text or email, however remember…less is more. Sending out a simple one sheet invite with a web address on the back providing more information can save anywhere from 2-4 sheets of paper in your invite suite.

"Cooking Mercado" at the Farmer's Market

2. The Food – Instead of going with the old chicken and steak deal at your event, opt for a chef who uses fresh locally grown foods like “Cooking Mercado“. Not only will you be eco-friendly, but your food will taste so much better than the rubbery chicken and spring vegetable medley that has become the norm.

3. The Flowers – Flowers are a staple at pretty much every wedding, however using less of them is not only eco-smart, but it will potentially save you a ton of money. Some couples are even opting to grow their own.

4. The Leftovers – Why not donate the leftover flowers and food to local shelter or retirement home. Spread the joy of your day with those who may be a bit less fortunate.

Luke & Jessica by MH Media Group

5. The Dress – Instead of buying that new wedding gown from a shop up the street, opt to go vintage. Whether redesigning your mother/grandmother’s dress or hitting up your local vintage shops, you will save money and be a recycling queen. Even the groom can participate in this one. Why not have the men in vintage suits…

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