Tuesday’s Table | Rainbow

As much as I like a timeless Black & White or monochromatic themed event, I am literally obsessed with Color.  Even as an adult; spotting a rainbow in the sky, through the waterfall of the sprinklers, the flare of my wedding ring on the dashboard as I drive…a Rainbow just makes me smile from ear to ear.

Now imagine this palette on your table when dining with friends and family.  When done properly, the playful blend of colors provoke your sensory system and leave a lasting impression in the hearts of everyone invited.

TT23 Rainbow

Tuesday’s Table | Whiskey & Cigars

With my husband’s birthday coming up this week, I was inspired by the age old complexities of whiskey & cigars (two of his favorites). Usually thought of as merely a gentleman’s favorite, the rich color and time honored tradition of a fine cigar and sip of scotch help tell a story of dedication, loyalty, pleasure and time.


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For Men | Groom Attire

Traditionally, groom’s attire has been unique to the region or culture of the couple, however many grooms over the last 50 years have often downplayed their attire and opted for a tuxedo or dark suit with a splash of color in a tie.

Today, many grooms are taking to the runway (the aisle) with unique fashions that show guests that their “soon to be” spouse is not the only one with fashion sense.

Here are few examples of ways to add a little color and style to your special day.

Tuesday’s Table: Midsummer’s Night

Inspired by Shakespere’s comedy, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, this table is full of whimsy, love and the irresistible lure of the forest. Creating a night so magical, you will wake the next morning wondering if it was only a dream.


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Tuesday’s Table | Candlelight

When thinking about an evening reception during the summer, I immediately thought…candles, tons of candles. Candlelight gives the room an unbelievably romantic atmosphere. Whether your venue is a large hallowed banquet hall or a quaint country vineyard, the soft flicker of the flame will give you a unique intimacy. And remember, everyone looks better by candlelight.

Tuesday'sTable Candlelight2

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