Junior & Ashley

We had planned a mini California wedding ceremony and happened to “let her (Chara) know” about it. She miraculously whipped up an intimate and classy ceremony for us in THREE DAYS! Set us up with a photographer, and a cool art gallery as our ceremony’s setting. It was amazing!
We’ve witnessed her work at several of our friend’s weddings here in SoCal, and they were all done in excellence. So when it was time to plan our Hawaii ceremony/reception, we knew we had to have Chara plan it! She knew exactly what had to get done, and get them done in a professional and orderly fashion. She also worked through many wedding day “surprises” that arose, and handled them with poise and integrity.

It truly takes special gifts to be able to handle the stresses of wedding planning. Chara is a gift. She has a lot of wedding planning experience (and even teaches courses on wedding planning), so you know you’re prepared for anything with Chara on your side. Plus, she has a smile that puts you at ease. And when it’s time to hit the dance floor at the end of the reception, you just can’t help but be happy everything looked amazing, and that your special day went smoothly.
We highly recommend Chara and Open Box Designs! Let your memories last a lifetime!